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Birthdate:Feb 20
Location:Kansas, United States of America
All About Chi
LadyChi is a fanfiction author from Manhattan, KS. Other than her fiction, she often blogs about depression, anxiety and political issues. During the day, she goes to college and works at an international (slightly evil) retail chain, and by night she rules the internet.
Chi has written fic in a number of fandoms: Doctor Who and Harry Potter most notably, but also in the West Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, Bones and Secret Diaries of a Call Girl fandoms as well. You can find her work at her Masterlist of Masterlists.
Original Writing
As KJ Rhodes, LadyChi has a microfiction slated for publication at Circlet Press on April 2nd, 2010, entitled "Earth and Air".

LadyChi has completed one novel, Leaven of Malice, which she has temporarily shelved. In November/December, she will be releasing an anthology of steampunk stories called Dust and Steam. Information on that can be found by clicking the tab marked "original anthology". She has plans to begin a new original novel in October.
Awards and Recognitions
LadyChi is a member of [info]catchmysnitch, an exclusive H/G community.

* Best of 2009 [info]hpgw_otp Awards!
Mod's Choice, Outstanding Author of the Year

* Round Three Children of Time Awards:
Winner, Rose Tyler Category: Evolution of Rose
Runner-Up, Short Story Category: Evolution of Rose
Runner-Up, Ficlet Category: This Is
Runner-Up, Doctor/Rose WIP Category: The Silver Dollar Paradigm

*Round Two Children of Time Awards:
Winner, Best New Author
Winner, List Fic Category: Eighty-Five Things the Doctor Learned About Being Human

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